Wish: "! _DragStrength" to be added as a right-click to the "! _DragMode" command

I noticed that a very useful and major editing tool like the “! _DragStrength” command is deeply hidden in the “Organic” tab, which itself is a subsidiary of the “Transform” tab. Is not it more natural to make it easier to find, such like assigning it as a right-click to the “! _DragMode” command?

Add “! _Move _Vertical” as a right-click to the “! _Move” command.
Add “! _Line _Vertical” as a right-click to the “! _Polyline” command.
Add “! _ModifyRadius” as a right-click to the “! _Circle” command.

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These are somewhat subjective…

#1 I also added this to the Move button. Well, sorta, I added some more:
! _Move _Pause _Vertical w0 I call this “Move vertical incremental” - just type a value and enter. However, that is a hangover from the pre-Gumball days, these days it’s just as easy to click the Gumball Z arrow and type a number. Plus you can copy with Alt. So maybe it’s time for me to change that one.

#2 The _Lines command is already on the RMB of Polyline. Personally I don’t find that command extremely useful, as it’s just an exploded polyline. But there are a number of other possible fits, including Line Vertical as you mentioned, but it will depend on what you like/use most often. I have ! *_Line which makes multiple separate line segments one after the other until Enter is pressed to leave the command.

#3 As above, one could argue that a number of other options could fit here, such as _Circle _Diameter or _Circle _Deformable

“Move vertical” is extremely useful while using the Osnap functionality. I also use the Gumball, but it can’t replace the proper “Move vertical” command. Both of them have their own strength.

As for the “Line vertical”, it’s handy for those who design directly in the Perspective viewport instead of using Left, Right, Front or Back view. I also use it as a tool to measure vertical distances, ha-ha. :sweat_smile:

It’s pity that there is no “! _ModifyDiameter” command. To modify the diameter of a circle, one first have to run the “! _ModifyRadius” command and then click on the “Diameter” option in the Command line, which takes time. I set mine to “ModifyRadius _Pause _Diameter”, but it’s a custom command that in my opinion should have been included in Rhino by default.

Certainly, I’m not arguing about the usefulness of the commands/options you suggest, simply that there are other possibilities and it’s difficult to decide which is the most important to include as a RMB in the default toolbar layout. Fortunately, Rhino gives the user the flexibility to modify that pretty much any way they want.

Yes, the customizability of Rhino is unmatched and makes the life so much easier. I didn’t argue either, just expressed my opinion about what could be improved further. The icons of some of the aforementioned commands don’t even include a right-click alternative, or if they do, that’s some rarely used tool.

I agree with the MoveVertical on Move button, makes sense

however on the other two for me it makes more sense:

  • !_Line instead of !_Lines as right-click on Polyline, because it gives you all the options for the line (it covers the Vertical with simple V press)
  • ! _Circle _3Point as right-click on the !_Circle it is very useful when Reverse Engineering a Mesh model into Nurbs.

Very few people use to build circles from 3 points on reverse engineering from mesh models in Rhino. I think that much more people need to modify a radius of existing circles or fillets. :slight_smile:

As for the “Line” command, those who want to access various types of lines to build could simply open the “Lines” toolbar that consists all the available tools there. On the other hand, if one wants to build multiple vertical lines (which happens quite often) or to measure multiple vertical distances with a vertical line, can’t use the right-click or “Enter” key to repeat the “Line vertical” command initiated from the “Line” command, because that would evoke a horizontal line instead. And being forced to press the “V” key and then “Enter” key each time you want to repeat building a vertical line takes time and is tedious.