Need help writing a Macro for Drag Strength in V6

I want to make a button for setting my Drag Strength to 30 with the left click and then resetting it to 100 with the right click of the button.

The new Drag Strength command has a pop up window now and its great but I have to close the window to reset or change the value back to 100 with the slider each time…

I am not sure how to script my way around this one, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Tommy - I just keep that window docked next to the command prompt - which is way wider than it needs to be - it should stay there between sessions - is that good enough? V5 had a DragStrengthUp/Down command which may be worth reviving so it can be on a keyboard shortcut.

My guess is it is not hard to add a SetDragStrength command as well, probably… I’ll ask.


Hi Pascal,

that works, I got spoiled with typing the value quickly into the command line

ah yes it was the GumaballDragStrength command that I am missing here…it seems to have morphed in V6

this fix works for now

much thanks!