[WISH] Default Setting suggestion

I just wish about an addition something that would not impact negatively perhaps noone, but positively probably a lot of people.

Adding a right-click command to the Circle button. namely the circle by three points.

I know I can do this on my own but transferring the default toolbar file after each installation is not ideal.

Anyways, if someone agrees please like this post perhaps this could convince McNeel to do it.

Somebody else asked for something different for the RMB on Circle a couple of days ago:

There are lots of possibilities for this one…


what do you mean? i copied the default set in v5 and have been customizing it all the way til 7 with no issues.

I mean if you don’t own the PC and/or you don’t have the permission to transfer whatever data back and forth.

ahh, i get you. i guess technically my customizations and scripts that i made while at an employer is their’s. i’ve had government contracts that were like what you describe, i just kept it to myself and would email myself backups periodically. i chose to be willfully ignorant, risky yes.

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