Feature Request: SoftEditX + Undo

Some commands have an in-command undo option at the command line. For example crv does (you can undo the last point created). SoftEditSrf does not. I was working with SoftEditSrf and made about 20 edits and didn’t like the direction of the last 5. With no in command undo function, was stuck trying to fix the last 5 edits by hand (which proved really difficult) or use the regular undo and lose all 20.

Beyond that, I personally have difficulty with all the soft move tools. I usually opt for cage edit most of the time because I can specify the number of control points and use that to define the area of influence. Maybe I am using the soft move commands wrong, in which case some tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.


+1 for more Commands with in-command Undo’s

Thanks for the suggestion Eric. I filed this as RH-22281 (the report is not public at this time).

I have also been lobbying for ‘proportional editing’ and you can add your agreement here if you like. In short, you would be able to move any control point and have falloff control for effecting adjacent points. I filed this a while back as a feature request for the Gumball… RH-7924.

Please make new topics for any other commands that you’d like to see an in command undo added to.

@BrianJ, I could not find another post referencing RH-7924, but I like what you’ve described. Can the falloff and radius be set quickly, i.e. not having to type ‘falloff 30% radius 4 mm’ every time I want to make a change? In organic modelers, these types of functions are easily and quickly set.

In 3DCoat for example, the RMB controls the camera when dragging starts off of a model and controls brush radius and intensity when done on the model. Shift RMB drag to control falloff.

I know Rhino’s mouse is different, but If there were a slider control on the gumball, that would accomplish this. The white options ball on the gumball could be larger and only uses the LMB click event. I always thought you could do more, i.e. LMB click for menu (current functionality), LMB drag event to control RH-7924 radius, RMB click to relocate gumball (like adjusting with CrvSeam, only not locked to an object), RMB drag event to control RH-7924 falloff.

Jewelry design is half mechanical (finger rails, stones sizes, cross section thickness for metallurgy requirements), and half organic. The mechanical side is fantastic in Rhino. The commands are a godsend. The organic side is tedious. Really tedious. That’s why my todo list has ‘learn ZBursh’ before ‘learn Grasshopper’.