Move constraint vertical shortcut help

Hi, i’m currently setting up rhino keyboard shortcut like <ctrl+m> for _Move or <ctrl+l> for _Line _V for creating vertical line directly. I’m currently trying to make a shortcut <ctrl+shift+m> to start moving object vertically without having to interact with anything. but entering the macro command _Move _V doesn’t work I have to press enter for the command to start so I tried the macro _Move _V _Enter but that doesn’t work either. So i’m asking if it’s possible to make this work because unlike the Line command which have a vertical option, Move have a vertical toggle (Yes/No) option, so how can I program this macro without having to press enter (which is not the end of the world but annoying nevertheless)?


I guess _Move Vertical=Yes _Enter should work.

unfortunately no, _Move Vertical=Yes work but only after a ‘‘physical’’ enter as _Move V do

Hi Kevin - with post-selected objects you need a Pause in the macro but you need Enter from the actual enter key to end the selection. However it should just work with pre-selected objects, generally a smoother way to work in Rhino anyway.

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes


Doesn’t seem to work without a manual enter wheter pre or post-selected

Hi Kevin - Can you post the last few lines of command history (f2 key) after running your macro?



Hm - the history looks correct, I would say. I get the same, with an object pre-selected:

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes

I get:

Command: _Move
Command: _Pause
Point to move from ( Vertical=No ): _Vertical=Yes
Point to move from ( Vertical=Yes ): (CLICK)

At the end of it Rhino is asking me for a point to move from and is showing me the cross-hairs ‘get point’ cursor, I click to set that point.

Regular Windows, and mouse as input device here?


Yes windows 10 with regular mouse + keyboard. The thing is that pressing the enter key seem to repeat the macro but correctly.Capture2
This history been taken in a new rhino document which start with the creation of a box and pressing ctrl+shift+m then enter and 2 click to move the box

But, at the point when you go to press Enter, what does Rhino look like, on screen? The command prompt says ‘Point to move from’ so you should be seeing a ‘get point’ cross hair cursor waiting for you to click some place…no? if you want to bypass the ‘from’ point, you can put it in the macro

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes 0

(the origin in this case…)


When I do ctrl+alt+m nothing happen my history display that a move command have been done and that the vertical was set to yes but my cursor is still an arrow. When a press enter I get the cross hair and I can pick a point like a normal move command

Hi Kevin - what if you paste that same macro to the command line?


It work…:thinking:

Return = Enter

@Kevin_Pelletier, @pascal,

It seems that CTRL+SHIFT+M is mapped to repeat the last command internally. On my system (V5) the command macro is empty but when used, it repeats the last command. If i assign above macro:

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes

to CTRL+SHIFT+M and run it using that keyboard shortcut, it behaves as Kevin reports. If i use a different keyboard shortcut instead, eg. CTRL+SHIFT+N it just works.

btw. In V6 the CTRL+SHIFT+M also seems to repeat the last command, but the command macro field is empty. Strange.


Hi Clement - thanks for testing - I find Kevin’s shortcut combo works OK here - interesting that it fails for you as well though…

Hi @pascal, if you empty the command macro on your side, does it also repeat the last cmd ?


Thanks for the reply!
Yes, mapping the macro to ctrl+shift+n work perfectly! Weird

Hi Clement - no, it does not- but I am home, working Windows on Macbook Air hardware & Bootcamp, not my office PC.
@clement, Ctrl-Shift-M does repeat the last command…