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Hi, i’m currently setting up rhino keyboard shortcut like <ctrl+m> for _Move or <ctrl+l> for _Line _V for creating vertical line directly. I’m currently trying to make a shortcut <ctrl+shift+m> to start moving object vertically without having to interact with anything. but entering the macro command _Move _V doesn’t work I have to press enter for the command to start so I tried the macro _Move _V _Enter but that doesn’t work either. So i’m asking if it’s possible to make this work because unlike the Line command which have a vertical option, Move have a vertical toggle (Yes/No) option, so how can I program this macro without having to press enter (which is not the end of the world but annoying nevertheless)?


(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

I guess _Move Vertical=Yes _Enter should work.


unfortunately no, _Move Vertical=Yes work but only after a ‘‘physical’’ enter as _Move V do

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Kevin - with post-selected objects you need a Pause in the macro but you need Enter from the actual enter key to end the selection. However it should just work with pre-selected objects, generally a smoother way to work in Rhino anyway.

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes



Doesn’t seem to work without a manual enter wheter pre or post-selected


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Hi Kevin - Can you post the last few lines of command history (f2 key) after running your macro?




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Hm - the history looks correct, I would say. I get the same, with an object pre-selected:

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes

I get:

Command: _Move
Command: _Pause
Point to move from ( Vertical=No ): _Vertical=Yes
Point to move from ( Vertical=Yes ): (CLICK)

At the end of it Rhino is asking me for a point to move from and is showing me the cross-hairs ‘get point’ cursor, I click to set that point.

Regular Windows, and mouse as input device here?



Yes windows 10 with regular mouse + keyboard. The thing is that pressing the enter key seem to repeat the macro but correctly.Capture2
This history been taken in a new rhino document which start with the creation of a box and pressing ctrl+shift+m then enter and 2 click to move the box

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But, at the point when you go to press Enter, what does Rhino look like, on screen? The command prompt says ‘Point to move from’ so you should be seeing a ‘get point’ cross hair cursor waiting for you to click some place…no? if you want to bypass the ‘from’ point, you can put it in the macro

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes 0

(the origin in this case…)



When I do ctrl+alt+m nothing happen my history display that a move command have been done and that the vertical was set to yes but my cursor is still an arrow. When a press enter I get the cross hair and I can pick a point like a normal move command

(Pascal Golay) #13

Hi Kevin - what if you paste that same macro to the command line?



It work…:thinking:


Return = Enter


@Kevin_Pelletier, @pascal,

It seems that CTRL+SHIFT+M is mapped to repeat the last command internally. On my system (V5) the command macro is empty but when used, it repeats the last command. If i assign above macro:

! _Move _Pause _Vertical=Yes

to CTRL+SHIFT+M and run it using that keyboard shortcut, it behaves as Kevin reports. If i use a different keyboard shortcut instead, eg. CTRL+SHIFT+N it just works.

btw. In V6 the CTRL+SHIFT+M also seems to repeat the last command, but the command macro field is empty. Strange.


(Pascal Golay) #17

Hi Clement - thanks for testing - I find Kevin’s shortcut combo works OK here - interesting that it fails for you as well though…


Hi @pascal, if you empty the command macro on your side, does it also repeat the last cmd ?



Thanks for the reply!
Yes, mapping the macro to ctrl+shift+n work perfectly! Weird

(Pascal Golay) #20

Hi Clement - no, it does not- but I am home, working Windows on Macbook Air hardware & Bootcamp, not my office PC.
@clement, Ctrl-Shift-M does repeat the last command…