Wish : delete a fillet with command FilletEdge option Edit

Hi Rhino Team
Wish .Ability to delete a fillet with the command FilletEdge , option edit with radius 0 (zero)?

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Hi Vittorio - the Edit option should allow this if the fillets have been added using FilletEdge in V6 to begin with. (Ctrl-select the highlighted edges so that there are none, then end the command) Is that what you meant?


Thanks Pascal
I don’t know this method . But this method only allows you to do the undo of the fillets. I can not just delete only the first fillet, but I also have to delete the third and the second as in the attached image for delete the first fillet.
Ciao Vittorio


anything new on this side?

Will it be possible to also change the radius of the fillet after the command was executed?

My problem: Let’s say I fillet the edges of a box during the design. If I don’t like the radius I did apply earlier, I have no chance to change the radius later on or to undo it without making a new box.

I have Rhino for mac.


[quote=“Pierre86, post:4, topic:32451”]
I have no chance to change the radius later on or to undo it without making a new box.

In V5 it is not necessary to create a new box though not exactly what you want: Use Explode the box with the fillet and Delete the fillet. Then UntrimSrf to restore the box. Trim if necessary. Then Join and FilletEdge.

Thankds davidcockey, that was new to me and it works!

Would be great though, if Rhino would have a possibility to change the radius of a filleted solid. So during the design process someone can change the radius with a simple command and doesn’t have to go trough this process you showed me.

In the Rhino for Windows V6 WIP try the Edit option in FilletEdge, assuming the fillet was originally made in V6 using FilletEdge

Thx a lot!!!

This is a very nice new feature. Is would be great if this is also working with a curve fillet. Now I have to explode, delete the arc, fillet the curves with radius 0. So a wish to have the ‘edit’ also for curves.