How to change a fillet Edge radius?

I need to alter radiused Edges to different radii, how is this done ?

  1. to an edge extruded after the profile was given radiused corners.
  2. to an edge given FilletEdge command a few weeks ago.

Having made a planar profile with sharp corners and extruded, then applied 0.05inch Fillet edge, I now need them 0.1" instead. I have done more to the shape since to simply re-extrude and refillet.



It is not possible to change the radius of fillets directly.

If the fillet radius is to be increased then after deleting the old fillets new fillets can be created using FilletSrf on pairs of surfaces. Polysurfaces may need to be be exploded or surfaces extracted. Manual trimming of fillets may be needed.

The other alternative is to restore/recreate the geometry without fillets, and then fillet with the new size fillets. Untrim the adjacent surfaces, re-trim the surfaces as needed. Then use FilletEdge of FilletSrf to create new fillets.

It is usually a good practice to delay adding fillets as long as possible. Another good practice is to save a copy of the geometry without the fillets.

rats !
I have now dup edge the solid, removed the curves, extended the lines and trimmed. Tried for closecurve but it didnt joint the gaps up) and extruded.
Another shape had more done to it afterwards , its going to be a total rebuild I fear.

If only one could select the fillet and choose EditFillet, V6 has edit fillet, not v5.

sooner I get this job done and v7 installed the better.

I wonder if SpaceClaim could have managed this., it can carry out alterations on Rhino that Rhino cant manage.


For this part, you can “remove” the fillets by

  1. _OffsetSrf 0.05 inward
  2. _OffsetSrf with _Corner=Sharp the new brep 0.05 outward.

I would recommend my delete faces script, but the latest version doesn’t work in V5. PM me if you want to piece together a version that may work in V5.

Otherwise, FreeCAD has defeaturing in its Part Workbench.

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I like it. It could be very useful.

One downside is for curved surfaces the result may have more control points than the original. Also there may be a degradation of accuracy.