Wish: Clippingplane GumBall always "align to Object" option

As the title says it would be great if Clippingplanes Gumballs always were aligned to (edit: the clippingplane-) object even if “world” was sat as default.

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Hi Jorgen - how would a user get to use CPlane and World adjustments?


IMO a clippingplane only really needs to go one way and that is back and forth perpendicular to it’s plane. (And be moved to the sides to get out of the way as long as it has to be the shape it is now)
And then be rotated along it’s axis. So in my experience I have never needed or benefited from rotating it with cplane aligned gumball axis. If anybody has needs for this then that should obviously be considered.
Did that vaguely answer your question, or did I misunderstand something?