Gumball won't align with object

Doing a little roof drawing today. Made an object vertical moved it to the roof. 3d rotated it to match roof angle. Gumball still shows alignment to cplane while on that object. I tried to align it to object ,no go. Made a custom cplane to match roof angle. Clicked on spoken object and gumball is still aligned with old cplane. Tried aligning object to new cplane ( nada).
Is there something I need to learn about gumball? I guess my question is, can this be duplicated by anyone else ? Basically I made a roof tin in a vertical direction , then moved it and aligned it the roof angle but gumby stays with cplane. Thanks , Mark
Found my problem. It is a polysurface.

Alignment “to object” only works for certain types of objects that Rhino can determine a plane for - notably things like lines, planar curves and planar surfaces. If you have a non-planar or polysurface object, it will only do World or CPlane.

If you have previously manipulated an object with the Gumball and then changed the Gumball setting from say World to CPlane, you may need to do a ResetGumball (in the “tail” menu) to get it to update.


Thanks Mitch, I was hoping for some verfication on that. It was my suspicion. —Mark