Clippingplane: Gumball and Hide/Show[Solved]

Gumball for clipping plane when set to “Align to Cplane” doesn’t allign to cplane…

Also for Hide, expecting Clipping plane to stop working… but still clips objects. Is this as specified?

Hello - the clipping plane frame is established when it first comes on and does not change according to which view is active. I’m not sure if that explains what you see.

Clipping planes are active in the views specified in Properties > Clipping plane page, and don’t pay any attention to visibility… so yeah, that is by design.


For visability I understood.

For the gumball xyz axis orientation, so in order to align with a specific Cplane, I need to highlight the view which utilizes that specific Cplane and make the clipping plane there?

Edit: I’d just like to move the clipping plane in the direction of XorYorZ axis of Cplane using gumball, but seems not aligned to do that.

or Just gumball aligned to the clipping plane is fine…
Edit:-Set gumbal to object and works ok now. Hmm… Anycay case closed.