Clippin plane gumball orientation, Cplane

V6 For the clipping plane Gumball orientation, when set to Cplane does not change to Cplane orientation. Seems same as world plane orientation
Gumball set to Object works fine.

@Toshiaki_Takano Have you tried the Reset Gumball option ?

Hello - I see that, thanks.


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I see it happen here, specifically on clipping planes:

  • Add one in perspective along the cplane.
  • Rotate the clipping plane around i.e. world x-axis a bit
  • change gumball orientation.

It is more obvious when using custom cplanes.

I.e. first add a box, create tilted cplane through 3 points of the box. Then add clipping plane as above.


Hi Nathan- Thanks, yes, I tried it here - seems not to know about the CPlane…