Why won't the gumball align to object?

If an object is rotated in plan view, later when one wants to translate/move the gumball remains fixed to the original ortho directions. Using the aling to object option changes nothing. Relocating the gumball will make a change but it’s an additional 3 clicks and resets to the original afer moving it and unselecting.

There must be a more efficient way to manipulate the objects that are of axis to the standard ortho.

Hello - aligning to an object only does anything if there is an inherent plane in the object - for an arbitrary polysurface there is none, and so CPlane alignment is used. (There is no way for Rhino to understand what you think is aligning to an object)

Here is a macro that may help:
CPlane Object Pause Select Pause GumballRelocate 0 1,0 0,1 CPlane Undo


That’s a nice macro Pascal! Thanks.

Why that can’t be an option available in the gumball menu?