Gumball 'Align to Cplane' & 'Align to World' disfunctional

Continuing the discussion from Time for a sedative:


There is no way Rhino will make sure the gumball is always orthogonal oriented.
The Gumball is bound to an object and transformed with it.

More general:
The settings ‘Align to world’ and ‘Align to Cplane’ suggest the Gumball will be orientated to the respective Planes. However, the gumball will never update to be re-oriented to those planes. It’s merely a one time shot at the gumball to orient itself.

The setup in wording and GUI makes me expect that after a rotation of the object, the Gumball will update it’s orientation to be re-aligned with the plane.
What else are those settings for?

The GUI suggest a permanent setting with the dot in from of the option.

My wish would be a setting to have the Gumball auto-update…

Ok I now see that V6 does have that setting…rest my case…still post the topic to not let others make the same mistake.


Thank you, Willem for the heads-up.

Willem, all, in V5, use TestGumballAutoreset for this,


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