WISH: Add "only visible geometry OSNAP" mode

I like that in Rhino, unlike in Sketch Up, you can snap to points behind objects (that are not visible in the scene, for example in shaded mode), but sometimes when geometry is too complicated would be useful to have mode to turn off snap for geometry behind.
What I usually do in this case is to hide rest of the model temporally, but it would be much easier if we can just turn “off” and “on” different snap modes when we need it.

Thank you all for your replies!


This is already in the RhinoWIP. The option is “Snap to occluded objects”. It’s disabled by default, only visible objects can be snapped.

Thank you Kelvin for such a quick reply! It’s great news that this is already added to Rhino, I think it’s a big plus.

Still, my suggestion would be to make this more handy to change with some hotkeys or something, so you can switch it any moment during modeling process.



-_Options _ModelingAids _Osnaps _SnapToOccluded _EnterEnd

In RhinoWIP, you can add this macro to Options > Keyboard, Options > Aliases, or a toolbar button. So you can use a hotkey, an alias or a toolbar button to switch the option on and off.

Wow thanks for those tips, you helped me a lot!
I hope it was useful for some other peps too!
Can’t wait to get this RhinoWIP version!


You can download RhinoWIP from the download link in Welcome to Serengeti

A Rhino 5 license key will be required.