WISH: snap to mesh edges


Now that handling meshes got so much better in V5 and looks like in V6 the snapping only to visible (unoccluded) is under way, it would be great next step to be able to have snap to mesh edges. Hope it is possible to implement as we find ourselves to work more and more with meshes inside Rhino. Thanks–

PS. Of course snap to mid-point should work on mid points of mesh edges as well ; )



In addition to Jarek`s request, it would be useful if Rhino prevents snapping to occluded mesh vertices.


Hi Clement - in Options > Modeling Aids >Object snaps, uncheck ‘Snap to occluded objects’. Does that do it?


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Yes ! I must have missed that in V6. Thanks for adding this old wish :wink:


Rhino is the only 3D modeling package that can’t snap to mesh edges that I know of. Is there a good reason for that?
So, really - no chance to get it finally implemented ??

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Bump. Hi @Pascal, just wanted to check if no comments means snapping to mesh edges is out of question for Rhino ?
At least let’s hear ‘what would you prefer: SubD or snapping to mesh edges’ :wink:

Hi Jarek- I think it is unlikely, myself but that is not why there is no comment from me - I think I just forgot… sorry.

@Mikko, any input on this?


Thanks Pascal - just curious why this is a no-no for Rhino so far, technically - since there are far more advanced modeling features for Meshes, NURBS and now SubDs implemented. Would it just be too slow with potential 1000’s of edges?

Hi jarek - My guess is that it is because there is nothing really ‘there’ on a mesh edge. Vertices are defined and there is quite a lot of info, potentially, on these, but the lines between are not defined as curves as they are on surface edges - it’s just stuff that is drawn on screen to show you how the vertices are connected.


Hmm, makes sense. I gues we would need some sort of under the hood system to draw a line for each edge and have them ‘snappable’ with different OSnap setting.

I guess the main reason why it’s not in there already is it hasn’t been a popular request. At least I can’t find it on the wishlist.

It would also be of limited use with the fairly dense meshes Rhino tends to create. I can see how it would be useful in low polygon count modeling, so perhaps at least some osnaps could be hooked up. Which ones would be the most useful? Midpoint?

Hi Mikko,

From my experience before V5, especially 64-bit, working with meshes was far less convenient. Now it is much better and we tend to use this workflow a lot. It is mainly with architectural models where parts of them are imported as meshes from other software (sketchup, AutoCad, Revit etc.) where most mesh objects are series of simple boxes. We usually would join them together, since there is 1000’s of them, for better performance. These models are used either as a reference to rebuild or to add on to them, so that’s where snapping to would come very very handy.

Having said that, Mid, Near, Perp and Intersect would be the most common OSnaps to use. End is taken care of by Vertex snap ; )



@mikko, I imagine OSnap could have a general ‘MeshEdges’ checkbox, and if enabled, the regular osnaps would work on them (near, mid, perp…)



If we get all that, I might suggest having a “Mesh” filter in the OSnap bar, so you could easily toggle the snapping all of that on meshes when you don’t need it. I would also still vote to differentiate between mesh vertex and extrusion vertex OSnap.

if we are going to see mesh modeling, then we should have edge snapping, also edge tools should allow you to land a specific percentages of an edge’s length, this is a standard feature for precision subD modelers:

subD_edge_splitting.mp4 (292.5 KB)

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A version of this exists for curves/surface edges in V5 & V6 (Percentage, one shot osnap) , so presumably it could carry over to mesh edges if that happens.


I know people that do not use meshes in Rhino simply because they cannot snap to mesh edges. I for one would welcome this ability!

Hi @mikko

Did the mesh snapping make it to the wishlist pile yet? We wish for it daily over here ; )



It is on there now- may be a duplicate…




@pascal - thanks, it seems like this page needs authorization to view - I can’t see it.
Good to know it’s there.