Problems exporting-selected to ACIS-SAT/ACAD-DWG

This is a new fail. I converted a number of components in the assembly I’m working on with acceptable success.

Now that its time to go to the fabricator and I’m down to converting the core components, I’m getting 1k “successful” outputs.

What are the best settings for saving out to ACAD standard files ? Right now the best I see on the available list is AutoCAD 2004 file type. I tried setting the “Export surfaces as” to SOLIDS, got successful; output, but now for some reason my outputs to DWG are failing. So I went to SAT, selected the AUTOCAD standard file output format, and saw no better result.

In the past, I’ve used both DWG and SAT output with complete success. In fact, I’ve successfully exported about half of the components of this current design.

I can reply to any request with whatever file(s) might be needed to help solve this.

RHINO-5 Win-7/64
16Gb RAM

Thanks -