Wirecut doesn't work! (resolved)

I keep trying to cut a curve out of my design using wirecut and it asks for the first depth point which I place correctly and then it asks for a second depth point which shoots off diagonally which I do not want but even when I set that it doesn’t cut my object, whats going on? how do I solve this? Why does this program have to make everything so damn complicated?

Where is the file or the screenshot?! Why do You make a simple post so damn complicated :smiley:

If you are wirecutting from one of the 3 axis then you do not need to specify a second depth. You just go to the appropriate view, for example the Top. Have a line crossing through both sides of your part completely. Then run the wire cut command, and make sure “Direction” is set to Z. Then instead of picking a second depth just right click with the mouse.

Edit: If you search for Wirecut under the help box, it has a few short clips that show you some examples. Pretty straight forward.

fan.3dm (302.4 KB)
Fair play you got me good.

fan.3dm (308.3 KB)
Just realised it didn’t have the line I wanted to cut with

Thanks but I’ve tried with the single direction (on x-axis) but I drag it across, it looks like it will work then I click and hit enter and nothing happens, really frustrating. will check out those tutorials now…

Think of it like You are making a solid to subtract with.

Don’t matter how I think of it, computer says no.

The top surface of the model wasn’t joined into the sides. I Joined it but still noticed naked edges after analyzing the polysrf with ShowEdges. You can see these spots here at the small corner fillets. I bet the fillets were added with the top surface still separate which caused these gaps. Wirecut wants the object being cut to be a closed solid.

The quick fix is to delete the top surface and then use Cap to close up the model. Wirecut from the Right view will then work as you expect.

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Thank you so much, we have a winner!