Wirecut not working

Can someone give me some suggestions as to why this isn’t working? I just need to do two wire cuts from 2 directions to get the shape I need. It will let me do it in one direction but not both. I’ve tried wirecut, trim and split and none will do it. The wirecut command doesn’t say failed or anything.

If I offset one of the curves slightly it will work but that’s not the results I want.

wirecut.3dm (123.5 KB)

looks like a bug of sorts

the second cut (regardless of which curve is used first) is not intersecting properly:

I’ve noticed things like this about Rhino. Where I need it to do something and it just won’t for any explainable reason. It doesn’t say failed or error or anything, I just hit enter and nothing happens. I’ve always been able to find a workaround in the past by using a different command or making the model a different way but this time I’m stopped dead in my tracks. Very frustrating.

Try, for now, DivideAlongCreases>SplitAtTangents=Yes on the target object - doe that allow it to work?


Did a wirecut in one direction and made the second curve into a solid for a boolean difference. Mission accomplished. Sometimes a good night’s sleep is all that’s needed.

Still, that should have taken 2 min and it cost me half a day.

Yeah, I guess Wirecut needs a tune up to understand about coincident cuts. I’ll see if it can be fixed.