Possible wirecut bug

Having a hell of a time trying to wirecut with curve #1 to a shallow depth on the solid shape. I cannot wirecut ( Direction=NormalToCurve bothsides=yes) with this curve to a depth point less than about 2.58".
Curve #2 I’m able to wire cut with to a shallower depth but quits somewhere around .39".
Tried again with curve #2 by moving it away from the surface slightly, then wirecutting one direction only, dragging and eyeballing to a shallow cut depth and was able to make that work (got to around .09" deep). Tried this technique with curve #1 and no dice. Rhino attached.

Noticed maybe a correlation with the depth pull point indicator. See attached image. As I pull the depth with mouse to where it is almost hitting OR going beyond the chord of the cutting curve, the wirecut works no problem. If I don’t pull it to that point or very close to it wirecut fails.

Something funky going on here. Is this normal for wirecut?

wirecutfail.3dm (235.6 KB)

thanks for looking

Hi CC,

I think this is a bug in Wirecut as far as I can tell and will file it now (RH-23116). Thanks for the report.

To get the result you’re after in the meantime, try this please if you’re in need of any suggestions:
1- ExtractSrf for the outer wall of the cylinder
2- Split it with crv 1
3- Using the Gumball, select the inner split trimmed srf and align the GB to object
4- Start dragging the srf in toward the center
5- type the value desired, e.g. 2 and press enter while dragging then hold down Ctrl before releasing to make a solid
6- Ctrl+Shift click/sub-object select the outer wall of the solid you just made and delete it
7- Join the result

There are other ways of course too but I like this one.

ok thanks Brian.
i’m gonna give that script from Jordy a try soon too.

Sorry for late reply, I did not notice the post earlier.
WireCut does not work well with non-planar closed curves. In your example, it is best to explode the closed curve and use the top arc, extrude it in vertical direction first, then specify desired depth for 2nd dir cutting. I will add a check in WireCut for closed curved to make sure they are planar.