Wip v7 render test/ nvidia denoise 15 seconds total render time

with the upcoming nvidia denoising plugins running in v7wip.
I was able to run this image for 15 seconds total and get this image. That fast enough for ya?

(my hardware was questioned my spec are- I’m on an i9 workstation with 32gb ram and an rtx 5000 w 16gb vram. )


Headed in the right direction! Wake me when it’s 8 seconds on a Mac… :wink:

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same render engine on a mac for v7, and I the best of my knowledge the intel denoisers will work on a mac as well-

@andy am I correct here?

In the very least there’ll be the OpenImageDenoiser from Intel as a plug-in to use. Should work for those that don’t have one of the other GPUs.

Nice! I’ll get excited when the speed simply approaches present day Keyshot on Mac w/CPU only rendering. That would represent quite an accomplishment IMO.

Looking forward to the day…

PS. For render geeks…

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I’d say at 15 seconds for a decent image we are in the neighborhood…

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was this made with Rhino Render Next ? (AKA Cycles)?

Could you share a model with the materials, lights and ETC? for us to take a look into it :slight_smile:

can’t share the model as it’s owned by a client-

It is with the new rhino render in v7 (based on cycles)

lighting is as simple as it could be, One single circular plane with a PBR emissive material assigned.

He asked for ‘a’ model with materials and lighting :slight_smile:
Maybe you could whip up some random sub d blobs with the materials and share it with him?

check this out


I wouldn’t ask for the model itself, just was curious in how to setup the render in WiP.

Now that I own a license myself I can play with Rhino7 at home :stuck_out_tongue:

super super simple set up…one panel light, ground plane and an environment.

My panel light was a round planar object with a pbr emission material applied to it.

I have rendered this scene inside a truncated cone with an image mapped on it- It allows you to fine tune the reflections and relation to the ground plane a bit more than a straight environment, but it’s a very subtle change from just using ground plane and a regular environment. It also seems to bounce light more and give a more globally illuminated feeling image.

You could try on your cone using PBR material with the image in the emission channel. Emission strength could be just one, but you can play with it a bit more to control lighting a bit more as well. The skylight intensity you could then turn down to 0.0 to have it not interfere with your cone “sky” lighting (but otherwise leave it enabled to fool the light manager so that it doesn’t add the automatic camera-based light-over-the-left-shoulder)

nice!! I’ll try that!

Hi Kyle, (and @nathanletwory) is this hooked up to the latest wip now?
And if so, how is it activated?

I believe @andy and @stevebaer are still breaking the SDK for the post effects, so whilst they worked for a while, they currently do not. But do keep your eyes open. There should be an announcement when they are actually available for download.

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would be better if your cone image background replaced by HDR image?

possibly, give it a try and see!