Poor rendering in V7 for Mac

Ever since upgrading to V7 I’ve been really unhappy with renders. I’m wondering if it’s my GPU or if I can alter any settings to both speed things up and get a cleaner image.

I’m attaching a test render of a very simple model. The first image has no applied material and took 5:25 to render, that’s 5 minutes. The second image has the default ‘plastic’ material applied and took 5:52. Both are very noisy in the shadows. I have no lights or anything other than the two objects in the image. Both images are 50/50 Path Traces. I am also attaching a screen shot of my render settings, it is the default but maybe there is something I should try differently? I skipped from V5 to V7 but I felt like the renders in V5 looked better and took a fraction of the time. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Added 1 more screen shot of the machine I’m working on

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 6.23.07 PM

I believe the renderer on the Mac does not make use of the GPU. Did you have the ambient lighting on (skylight) in V5?


That seems right. The header on the render window reads “Rhino Render on CPU”

I just opened V5 and rendered the same scene. It appears the error may be with my memory. The shadows are just as grainy, only they are generally darker so it’s less obvious. This did, however, render in about 6 seconds.

Ambient lighting is on, set to use RhinoStudio.exr

Using the PackageManager search for the Intel Denoiser package and install that. Add it as a post-effect for your render. Now you can change the pass amount to something lower and still get acceptable results.

Between Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 the render engine for Rhino Render got changed. You now have a modern path tracer at your disposal. Along with the Physically Based material (and emission) you can do so much more.

If you are not interested in great looking renders, but prefer the old render engine then you can choose the Legacy Rhino Render as your current renderer (Render > Current Renderer > Legacy Rhino Render, or in the Rendering panel).

The Denoiser post did the trick! I got a much better result in a fraction of the time.

I’ll take some time in the coming days to look into the new features. In the meantime I’ll post one more render in case anyone else stumbles across this thread. This is the same as above, Rhino Render with plastic material, the only difference is the Denoiser.

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