Wip update wont install

So i get a message saying an update has been downloaded.
So i go to install it, but get errors, including the attached, at which point the progress bar goes backwards (!) which I’ve never seen before and is kind of cool, but what now…???


Wow! Sounds like the kind of thing I’d expect from malware. I know it’s a WIP, so strange things can be expected, but are you sure it’s genuinely from McNeel?

No, those definitely look like our error messages. @brian is going to have to help with this one to decipher that message.

Any ideas on this…?


Not yet, Brian will be back from vacation tomorrow

Those are our errors. Malware is usually a lot more subtle than that :smile:

It looks like the installer isn’t finding your license on your machine. I’ll need a log from the installer to see what happened. Here’s how:

  1. Open the folder with the MSI file in it.
  2. Hold the Shift key, then right-click in the folder, then click Open Command Window Here
  3. Run this command: “msiexec /i [name_of_installer] /lv* setup.log” ([name_of_installer] is something like rhino_en-us_6.0.nnnn.nnnn.msi)
  4. Email the setup.log that results to brian@mcneel.com


I’m seeing a similar problem her. After the auto-update rolled back, the .msi file seems to have vanished. Once it’s downloaded again, I’ll post the log. For now, maybe the error messages may help.

I did apply the fix for the WIP license problem here: Fixing Rhino WIP Startup Faliures

Okay, now starting the msi file from the command line required a “clean” install including me entering the license key again. Everything seems fine with the installation. No error messages, Rhino WIP starts up with all plugins. (apart from a localization error, I am reporting separately)

soo… the error pops up when updating from inside of Rhino. Maybe @rabbit can confirm that.

@brian If this pops up again, is there any way to generate a log for the updater from inside Rhino?

Sorry to take so long to get back to you.

I’m not sure why the installation is working by hand, but not when run from inside Rhino. I’ll see if I can figure out how to reproduce this here.

Cheers Brian

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My guess, after figuring out (again) the solution to Fixing WIP Startup Failures, is that the validation code was wrong in your license.

After you installed manually, were you asked to validate your license again?

I really cant remember…I think it wanted a new license key…?

So how should I proceed now…?


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Delete the stuff in the registry and in a folder as explained in the first post here: