Latest WIP update fails to install

Did something recently change about the WIP update installer process? I’ve never had a problem with the update process before - when I’m exiting WIP it prompts me for the update, I click ok, it does its business, asks for admin, granted, all good to go. But today I tried this and even though I had granted it admin privileges, it barfed on admin access late into the process after already uninstalling the WIP - so I’ve had to go back through the download link to reinstall, rather than relying on the automatic update. I’m all set with the new version now, but wanted to let y’all know I ran into trouble where I never have before…

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I too am having trouble installing the latest WIP update.

I haven’t used rhino in a while, didn’t update it through the WIP itself, and now the WIP version I have has expired so it refuses to load at all. So I went to the WIP download link, entered my email + license key, and it says this:

“The license key you entered has already been used by someone else”

How can I proceed?

I could have saved myself a lot of time with chamfering something these past few days; as I recall it was possible to do chamfering angles other than 45° with the new WIP. :frowning:


You’ll have to send an email to

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Hi Andrew - please shout if you continue to have problems with the upcoming WIP release, hopefully today…


latest version installed without issue via the normal “update on quit” mechanism.

Good, thanks for letting us know.