WIP startup / update

A couple of questions re V9 wip:

  1. When it starts, I get a dialog warning : net framework compatibility issue - rhinoscripteditor.rhp

I take it to mean the script editor wont work with the current net framework. How do I get rid of this message so every time the thing starts I don’t have to click out of it?

  1. When I check for updates I get a very large black message saying:

The Server encountered an error and cannot complete your request. Please try again in 30secs.

This is not the usual everything is up to date or download the newer version.
This has been the case right back from when I first installed the WIP some months ago.
Ive just uninstalled the original and downloaded what I assume to be the latest ((9.0.24157.12005, 2024-06-05), but a quick check for updates brings up the same message…


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Both issues are known.

For the current intsall remove the .rhp file. It most likely will pop up on the next update until actually fixed.

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There is another issue: all 3D mouse moves are reversed. Why?

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this help?

I don’t have a Connexion driver installed.
V7 and V8 works the same, V9 is different.

not having the driver may be the issue.