.NET Framework Compatibility Issue - RhinoScript Editor.rhp

Hi Guys,

Have just installed R9 WIP and I get this error on startup:

Also my plugin, KaroroCAD, which is now running OK in R8 launches to the KaroroCAD UI then silently crashes R9.

I’ll open the source in R9 and have a look around for possible issues.

Will R9 retain compatibility to GH1/R7 Iron Python scripting components or will everything need to be re-written into Python 3?



Hi -

Yes, that has been on the list for a while → RH-79263 Rhino 9 - plug-in error on launch

@eirannejad ?

@kiteboardshaper The current plan is to keep IronPython around. It has its own benefits so it’s good to keep it I think.

Thanks for the update mate!

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