WIP Check Now not working

I had the 2024-04-23 version of the WIP installed and knew there was a new version available. However my system never showed a notification of the new version nor automatically downloaded it.

In WIP when I click on “Check for Updates” > “Check Now…” the response is:

Eventually I was able to navigate to the download page for the WIP which involved several steps and obtain the 2024-04-30 version. (Topic for a separate post).

The Rhino 8 experience should have demonstrated to McNeel the importance of having as many users as possible providing feedback on each iteration of the WIP soon after the new iteration is published. It should be simple to update.

WIP download - multi-step, not entirely obvious process - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum

Hi David -

Yea, that’s been on the list for a while now… (RH-79264 - not visible because of reasons…). I’ve bumped it.