WIP 6 Update

Is there a problem with WIP 6 update system…? For the past several days each time I open WIP 6 I get << An Update is Available, Install Now >> notice but clicking it only stops starting-up process and nothing else. When checking Help –> Check for updates, it tells me Rhino is up to date but if I click Check Now link anyways I’m getting Server Error page.

My copy is 6.0.16145.13021. 5/24/2016



I’ve had something like that happening in the past as well. You are running an older version so you might as well just download the latest (2016-06-07 - 6.0.16159.13001) from the link in the Welcome thread here on Discourse.

(or check your C:\ProgramData\McNeel\McNeelUpdate\DownloadCache folder first to see if that version was downloaded at all).


This problem occurs quite often here.
I don’t know the reason.

In all cases a Windows reboot made it working again.


Thank you guys. Most appreciated.

Problem solved thanks to wim… the latest version was indeed sitting in the cache folder. now when rhino starts I get no more alerts. Nice.

BTW, what is the current policy on bug reporting. I realize that serious coding is still ongoing so wouldn’t want pollute this forum with minor quirks pestering developers, but since I’m using WIP 6 for serious projects now there is always something new popping up. Mostly I can work around it or just ask Rhino 5 for help but occasionally I’m tempted to wail in the open…


Feel free to report anything here - and/or create a YT issue yourself.