Watch out: Rhino WIP 3-Mar-2015 on its way

Hi Everyone,

I just released the 3-Mar-2015 Rhino WIP. It should be downloaded to your computer in the next 24 hours.

This WIP has some pretty major changes inside. These changes make it easier to support Windows and Mac OSX from one code base. Because there are thousands of changes in our source code, the chance for bugs is also higher.

Please keep an eye out for strange behavior in this build, and report any problems in this forum.



Hi Brian,

Is this the only link where the WIPS are to be downloaded from? Just making sure.

Should I set my Check Updates in Rhino to Service Release Candidate for automatic downloading of the WIPs or must I manually download from the link above?



At least in my version, there is no such option. I’m assuming the WIPs always check for the newest “RC” - it’s always worked in the past, anyways.

But if nothing happens, I suppose you could hit the Check Now… link in Options > Updates and Statistics - that will open a browser window with a link to the latest WIP.

It doesn’t appear to be working now, though.
It looks like a manual install is needed for this one. @brian?

No worries, I guess - it worked automatically on another PC - just one of those things…

Hi all,

There are no special update settings to fiddle with - Rhino checks for updates ever couple hours I believe. Please let me know if you’ve got a machine that never gets the update, I’d like to take a look at it.

@wim I’m sure you do have that options in Help, Check For Updates, Update Frequency (options are Service Release Candidate or Service Release).

@Brian my machine does receive updates, and I’ve set the frequency to Service Release Candidate.

I was just wondering about the serengeti weekly builds and whether they would require a manual download via the link posted in the Serengeti topic, or whether setting the update frequency to Service Release Candidate would automatically download the WIP updates.

Nevermind. Clearly the WIPs are to be downloaded separately!

No! The WIPS are supposed to auto update every week. If it isn’t updating on your computer, I want to figure out why.

Brian Gillespie


It doesn’t auto-update here as well:

When I click ‘check’, then it finds a new release.
Didn’t download it yet.


Well, this is really weird.
I didn’t quite know what to make of Guido’s ‘never mind’ but now seeing that screen shot…
In the version I am running there is no pull-down to pick update frequency. If you ask me it doesn’t make sense for the WIP anyway.
note that I do have that on RH5.

It’s the “megamerge” done?

Yep. We’ve merged the source code from Mac Rhino 5 into the Windows Rhino WIP branch, and can now compile for both Windows and Mac out of one set of source.

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The pull down menu exists in Rhino 5, and not in Rhino WIP!

The reason I was asking is because I hadn’t realised that Rhino WIP is installed along side Rhino 5. I was under the impression that the Rhino 5 Service Release CANDIDATES would become weekly.

Cool :sunglasses:

Then, @Charles, I guess you are looking into the wrong Rhino?!

No, it is the right one…
In the meantime the new WIP downloaded.

Install doesn’t work.
When I click

nothing happens.

On next Rhino WIP start, the same starts from the beginning.


It won’t install if you have a Rhino 5 running… --Mitch

Thought so, and checked it.
No V5 is running…


I have the same problem… Nothing happens when I press the “Install now”-button.