WIP 7 auto save issues


unfortunately the rhino 7 beta crashes from time to time. today it happened to me when i wanted to disable enable model space scaling.

obviously the automatically saved file was moved to the bucket and then replaced by a newer version because i opened the file again to check what was lost.

there is no auto save file from before the crash.

or did i miss something here?



usually you find the files under Grasshopper File→Special Folders→AutoSave menu

if it is not there, I am afraid it is lost, since the auto save files are automatically overwritten if you open the original file again. Only option to not have this is if you opened the auto save file, then the original will stay the same.

check your trash, it should be there if the system worked as designed.

Hnnhgraf, Kyle,

thanks for the replies.

a file has been moved to the trash. will only 1 file be moved to the trash and the previous version replaced?

i opened rhino one more time after the crash to see what I´ve lost and obviously the file beforethecrash.3dm was replaced after the crash (afterthecrash.3dm)

hope thats somehow clear,


Hi Ben -

No, autosave files will pile up in the trash.