Program crashed, lost everything back to yesterday

As the title says. How is that possible. The most recent AutoSave is from yesterday.
I guess if there’s nothing in AutoSave I’m out of luck, right?

Confirm that you don’t have another autosave file location elsewhere on your computer.

AutoSave file location can be found in DocumentProperties > Rhino Options > Files

Thanks for the replies.
I went into a furious remodeling fit to re-do the day’s work and got most of it replaced.

There isn’t anything in my AutoSave file from today which is weird considering that I have AutoSave set to save every 10 minutes. And that’s the only AutoSave location for Rhino on my computer.
Not sure what happened there.

I’ve been let hanging to dry by autosave lately.

Going there to check my latest autosave was made Dec 18, 2 months ago. And I’ve been using Rhino daily.

You don’t save? You rely on autosave only?

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That’s exactly what I thought while reading.

I read the help file for Autosave and did some experimenting. Here’s what I found:

The autosave file is deleted when you Save or SaveAs. The autosave file is also deleted you close Rhino normally, even if you did not save before closing…

If you Save or SaveAs there will not be an Autosave file until you either Autosave executes automatically after the preset time increment or you Autosave manually. LIkewise if you close Rhino normally there will not be an autosave file, only the .3dm file with the regular filename from the last time you saved.

So if you have a problem and close Rhino there will not be an autosave file, only the file from the last time you saved.

Hi Ricardo - this is normal and expected - if there have been no crashes, you would not have autosave files - they are deleted on a successful Save.