Windows is out of storage and preventing me from using rhino

I’m running Rhino on a boot camp partition on my mac. I gave myself 100 gb because that wasn’t planning on using it for anything but rhino and a few other minor things, but after only like 3 weeks I am out of space… I have 0 files in my library. I’ve been storing everything on an external HD and yet the C Drive is full… I do a make2D on a relatively large model I have and after waiting like 15 mins it stops and says rhino will cancel the process because you’re out of space… :confused:

I don’t know where this 95 GB of data is coming from. I searched by file size my whole computer and nothing very big came up but when I found a relatively large folder with rhino renders with an unknown file type and weird name, I deleted them and freed up like 15 GB but after 2 days its full again and I’m annoyed because the only other thing I’ve opened was chrome and Illustrator and I’ve saved every new file to the external HD. Is there something I’m missing? I was wondering if it was that rhino autosaves these large files/renders I’m making. Can I change where Rhino autosaves and stores these files to my external drive?

If anyone has any other suggestions feel free.

100 Gb is pretty small actually. My Windows install folder here (8.1) is about 75Gb by itself. If I’m not mistaken, you need to include the space that the OS takes up on the same partition.

That will generally mean you are out of RAM, not hard drive space.


I have 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3. Is there any fix for this if it is indeed the issue? I’d have thought it would be more of a physical space issue because i’m down to like 2 GB free give or take depending on the day.

Hard drive space or RAM? When you’re low on space, go into TaskManager (Ctrl+Shift_Esc) and look at the usage levels in the Performance section, you have both HD and RAM sections. Also in the Processes section, see how much RAM Rhino itself is using, and check for other program’s RAM usage.

Here opening a 200Mb file takes about 0.5 Gb RAM and running a Make2D on it runs it up to a little over 1Gb… (Rhino 6 on a Windows machine, not Mac/Bootcamp)

Yea its a 700 mb file. I’ll check on the ram part later. But regardless Rhino does seem to be filling up my hard drive space very quickly. Is there a way I can change where it autosaves files and stores copies of renderings so that it puts that on my exteral drive rather than my C drive because its still an issue that its filling it up.

You can go to file menu, properties, and in the Rhino Options click File,
On the right side you can check and set the paths for AutoSave, Templates plus some
other options.

The Autosave file location can be specified in Options>Files. You should be able to specify where to store a rendered image at the time when you save it. I don’t know where Rhino stores any temporary files from renderings though, what was the location of the folder you found them in?

There is a box actually under Modeling aids>rendering that asks to autosave renderings that I unchecked that might’ve been part of the issue. But I changed the location of autosaves and hopefully that helps.

I went to file management under windows and it said its keeping 25 GB of previous versions of windows that delete automatically with time but which I could delete now to clear up space… Why does microsoft do this??? This is why I like my mac side better smh.

Anyway thanks for the help guys I think this will clear it up.