Rhino crash "out of memory"

Working for the past 5 hours in Rhino, file size is only 1.6 MB. Dragging some 2d objects around and suddenly received the attached failure notice.

No picture frames, don’t think there are bitmaps of any kind.

Here’s a screenshot of the memory tab from the activity monitor taken before restarting.

Here’s Disk Space used (highlighting of ContainerMaterialExtractor not intentional)

What is going on?

Hi Abraham,

I think this might be related to a currently open bug report…

We haven’t been able to reproduce it here yet. Can you send the file into tech@mcneel.com and reference this forum thread in the comments? Let us know if the file is confidential as well please. If you see a pattern in what you’re doing or how long your Rhino session is when this occurs please let me know those details as well. As soon as we can reproduce it on a developer’s Mac (@dan ), we’ll be closer to figuring out what’s happening. Thanks!