Will V6 have export as eps?

Need to get 2D output (Make2D) work into Photoshop and eps is the way to do it. Also would work into vector progs such as Affinity Designer.
With a total inability to have cmyk colours in use in Rhino these progs are required.
Only option in V5 is export as Illustrator but squares can become rectangles, odd things happen to mess up the dimensional integrity of the CAD work. Unless origin is lower left corner of item being exported the result sees an object with a large blank area lower left of it, unable to register with previous exports. To keep moving the origin around to the lower left corner of everything that is selected is crazy.

Eps is a universal language for line art 2D and would enable us needing to get work into Photoshop or other vector progs to do so.


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I use Affinity Designer to test the results of the PDF exporter

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Hi Steve,
AD is both a vector and a raster prog, I have only dabbled, dipped little toe in water in effect, put off by lack of trim mode, wish they follow Rhino for function there:-)

Are you testing pdf for opening as both vector and raster modes ?

I wish Rhino to open into Photoshop (hence the eps request), but pdf may suffice as well, so can you test there as well ?

Each export must enter photoshop to same scale .

I used to place an export box around all work done in Freehand and then that would force photoshop to maintain same scale.


This is all about vector. Raster in a PDF is the same as just creating a PNG image file

Hi Steve,
I take elements out of my vector prog and assemble them as raster in photoshop, currently doing an aircraft profile so I would export out the aircraft outline, open into pshop, comes in as transparent and lines. Then export out panel lines, essentially comes in as transparent and black, place resulting layer above a/c outline, then ditto rivets. fill the outline with camo colours and the panel lines etc layers being transparent show the colours on the lower layer. many layers used this way to get full effect.

I seem to recall pdf opens as white not transparent ?

is the pdf export functional in current WIP , I d/l’d WIP 2 feb 2017. Will it open into photoshop as transparent and black lines ? eps gave such.


The new PDF export is available in the Feb 2 WIP. Just run “File->Save As…” and choose PDF

Hi, selected a few panel lines of my aircraft, went File>export selected and chose pdf and vector mode, it was displaying the entire aircraft and top view in which the make2D resides that I had selected from, selected 600dpi and named file and finished the export.
Opened it in photoshop and got the entire aircraft, rivets around first frame though were a mess.

Tried again, panel lines of tail area definitely selected, again got entire aircraft make2d view and plan view of aircraft.

Seems like export selected as pdf doesnt work.

background was transparent :slight_smile:

Good catch; I didn’t test with export selected. I have this on my bug list at

Hi Steve,
done a little test see separate post.

It is important that the bounding box, export box as I call it, drawn around the subject and selected for anything within it being exported, (and it must feature the thinnest of lines, else it messes up scale as Pshop fits it into the window as opposed to window edge going down dead centre of line), is accurate in its size upon opening as raster.

I have now tried to export that 100x100 box in V5, there is pdf to choose from when going export selected, again it offers A4, and scale to fit, it has no concept at all of the fact that it is supposed to be honouring the ACTUAL SIZE OF THE SELECTED ITEM, and there is nodpi setting at all to choose, so no way of knowing what dpi to put into photoshop dialog box for opening it as to retain its size. PDF as a concept is about preset sizes. I even tried custom page size incase that would overide its insistence on a universal page size. Then up pops the sheep, as I have pdf24 installed, that prog certainly wouldnt understand the concept of the shape is everything, pdf being for printing and international paper sizes as opposed to preserving a shape in vector code with associated dpi.

eps as a concept is all about the size and whats being selected. It works ! I hope pdf options McNeel creates has that ability., and it must not require 0,0 to be placed at bottom left of the export box. Its dodgy territory reinventing the wheel.



Sorry, I don’t understand this comment. Are you using the print dialog or export to PDF? Are you testing with V5 or V6?

testing this time on V5, again selecting my 100x100box and going file>export selected> pdf.
as have work I must get into Pshop. PDF24 being an installed pdf maker for printing purposes, sending files to folk with printers etc, so to have it try to understand I require my 100x100mm box to be turned into a pdf 100x100mm size and of a chosen dpi, and choices of 600dpi, 1200dpi etc, is a tall order !

Hope your home grown pdf can do that.


Completely different system in V6, but the scaling logic is still the same. It sounds like you need to set your output scale at 100% (1 to 1).