Testing export selected 100x100mm box sees entire page exported at odd size

attached the test file, to see what happens to a 100mm x 100mm box and its line weight test lines and circles.
method to establish what weights to apply to lines for desired appearance in photoshop.
By the way why doesnt a 1mm line weight have line filling out a 1mm high row of grid squares , and others drawn likewise the expected thickness ?
Print preview doesn’t show lines at their thickness given, making for line weight use and visual design impossible for establishing effect.

That extra issue aside, I select box and contents and go File>export Selected> pdf and select 600dpi.

However I see inches indicating some odd size of 8.5 inch x 11inch, and a large white preview with all the page contents small in middle.
Open the pdf into photoshop, choose 600dpi, which in eps mode would make the file same size dimensionaly as in source prog, so our box would be 100 x 100mm, preview pane shows though all objects…oh dear…

It opens and our 100x100mm box is 35.5mm x 35.5mm and all items have been exported ! also text gone massive.

No way can I use this export box around various features as I export them , acting as the means of keeping scale same for all exports, whether its a single rivet or an entire cowling or aircraft, box would be a bit bigger than 100mm , it would surround the entire subject side view, and then I assemble them as layers in pshop… as is the done practice with eps.

Export selected and choosing pdf is simply ignoring the selected items !

Test Rhino WIP export to AD and Photoshop.3dm (95.3 KB)


DPI does not tell the whole story for exporting from Rhino to 2D formats like PDF or a printed sheet. DPI defines the resolution of the output, but there is also the scale to take you from world coordinates in Rhino to “page” coordinates. There is a view and output scale section of the dialog where you can set this scale. In your case it sounds like you may want to export at a scale of 1 to 1.

Hi, attached printscreens of the three stages, I go file export selected, choose scale 1:1 and 600dpi, then open result into photoshop, seleting 600dpi to retain that side of things, and get not just the 100x100 box but everything.
At least the box is 100x100mm, (image flattened to see it better)

need to just get the box exported though.


Yep, Exporting to pdf looks like printing and not really exporting at all, I’m not sure Export makes any sense in this case, nor SaveAs, since only visible objects are ‘saved’, not selected ones nor all. Maybe the file type dropdown should say ‘Print to PDF’ not just PDF…


I wasn’t paying attention to the selected flag in the exporter which was a bug. I already replied that this was a bug in another thread, but I guess it wasn’t caught.

This will be fixed in the next WIP

Yep, I see that Export works better now. Thanks. Still, slightly weird compared to normal Export/SaveAs in that it also depends on the view…


Export AI depends on the view too. It just doesn’t have as many bells and whistles in the options. Is that what makes it less weird -or- is export AI weird too.

Well, yes, AI is slightly weird too in that respect and we seem to have got away with it… so maybe it’s just fine.


SVG is going to be this way too, FYI :slight_smile: Really any time you go from 3D to 2D you need to pick some sort of projection and the active view has always been our best guess.

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