Print line thickness is not supported in export as ai to photoshop

draw line , give it thickness 0.5, turn on print preview for that window
export as ai and import into photoshop at same image size, but its hardly visible at same size as image in rhino.

If one creates a line of thickness e.g. 0.5mm in a vector prog, and export as eps, it will open as that thickness.

One can draw a map with Motorway 3mm and B roads 1mm and they open into photoshop as such via eps.

as such its impossible to get any artwork into photoshop from Rhino.

This is serious bad news. All plans on using rhino to put artwork into photoshop are sunk.

What is the solution, why are graphic print line thicknesses not supported in a graphics route ?


This works going to Illustrator - no telling what PS is doing with it though. I don’t have PS here, - does it open vector PDFs? I’d think so - try that.


I see just one pdf option in the export list, I try that and get ‘unable to find a pdf printer’

if we had eps it would be ok, why no eps option ?


PDF 995 or CutePDF or PrimoPDF or others will do - there are lots of pdf drivers available free.



why no eps option ?

its the way of getting vector into raster progs.

also I see Pshop supports 3D studio *.3ds

I try that and nothing happens, try it 3 times, doesnt create a 3ds file.