Clean vector export

there is a serious quality difference between export AI and print vector PDF.

Please consider optimizing the “none-Adobe” workflow for using the exported vector data in applications like Affinity Designer.

Please find examples below: (65.6 KB)

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hi bast, this has been discussed already, you will have to wait till version 6, for either SVG but also better PDF export performance along with a fully remade make2d.

This will be improved in the next version of Mac Rhino. You can see a discussion about this at

Great news! - Layer support would be even better…
I wasn’t quite sure If this would apply to Mac Rhino too.

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all the changes which where done on Rhino 6 for Windows will also be coming to Mac. i think one of the issues in Rhino 6 was to build up a common code base, that updates can be done more or less equally for both platforms in the long run. thats what i at least hope to have understood correct :slight_smile:

In outline, this is mostly correct. I just want to calibrated expectations a little. In Rhino 6 for Mac, there will still be differences between Rhino 6 for Windows. There will still be areas - especially in the interface - where one set of code will be used on one platform and another set of code on the other. (A full unification is a long-term project and we don’t know how long term). That said, in many areas, your statement is quite accurate: especially when it comes to things like the display pipeline, or support for vector export, etc.

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a full unification would be most importand, still hoping that this might also happen for all plugins as pointed out in the other topic. i do not mind if things take a little longer, but i am growing older :wink: already 8-9 years have passed since i started using the mac beta versions, thats a long time for a software which is trying to run after its own tale…

I recently tested the new vector creation and export tools in V6 and I while an improvement over V5 the PDF and SVG print/export still trails the Illustrator workflow.

  • No export selected.
  • No layer/group support.
  • The print interface is mostly useless and misleading for simple vector export.
  • The dpi settings will effect the quality of the vector output.
  • The scale setting doesn’t work at all?

Please consider optimizing this workflow for using the exported vector data in applications like Affinity Designer.

Thanks for your efforts anyway!

You are right, group is very easy to implement in Svg, I put it on my svg exporter in Rhino 5. I also put the source in a discussion. Quite strange they didn’t implement it.