.ai export

I installed the trial version of affinity designer. I tried to open an *.ai file which I exported from the latest wip but the file wouldn’t show any objects, layers, nothing.
when I open the same file in adobe illustrator everything shows up as expected. when i save this file again with illustrator, i can open that file with affinity designer and only now the content is also appearing there.
when i export to ai file with rhino5 the problem is the same. i’m not quite shure but i think i had tried this once with incscape and it was also not possible to open the exported ai files from rhino.

hopefully this can be fixed soon.

btw it would be very helpfull if it was possible to define a rectangle on export which will be the artboard in illustrator/designer (units = px).

when svg export will be implemented properly the ai export will be obsolete anyway i think.

Export to SVG should be available in the next public release of the WIP. Also, for export to Affinity Designer, apparently they are using the PDF format. Exporting to AI should be the same as exporting to PDF and so that might get an update soon as well.


ok thanks i wasn’t aware that ai export is actually pdf.

i’m really looking forward to the next wip!

and sorry for my poor searching :frowning:

We don’t really have any current plans to update our AI exporting code. It seems like making improvements in the PDF exporter would pretty much handle modern AI support unless I’m missing something.

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as soon as svg export happens with the next wip, i don’t care about the .ai format anymore anyway. the improvements on pdf export are very much needed too. i just worked with layouts to make a technical drawing and i was all but happy with the pdf result.

FWIW, when opening a .ai file with Xara Designer Pro X, then I have to select Adobe Illustrator 7.0 or 8.0. Otherwise geometry won’t show up.

Just checked in Affinity Designer: There it doesn’t seem to be possible to select the .ai version.

As an addition to the Illustrator export it would be really helpful if there was a ‘centre geometry’ on export selected.

The current set up works well and there is no dent in the work flow. You draw something, export it and you can update and export with things opening in the same location. This is of paramount importance 80% of the time.

Often though a quick export of something is required where you don’t need that location or precision, you just want it centred on the art board.

As an example, if you have lots of models and versions in your Rhino model space and you want to export some text or curves to Illustrator it can be too far off the art board when opened in Illustrator and can’t be moved to the centre.

The only way I’ve found to get around this is to move the thing you want to export to the world centre before export. The addition of a tick box to centre geometry on export would be so very useful!



Andy - does ExportWithOrigin help here?


Sadly not, it’s still in the original location.

ExportWithOrigin - i never figured out where that should help

…but…but the AI exporting code is broken, for the text.

I’m not aware of any broken text issues. Could you explain a little more about what specifically is broken?

it’s reported as a bug since some times now:

Ok, looks like it is on the list to get fixed. Thanks