Rhino into photoshop still unsolved and a weakness in Rhino

Need to get a rhino drawing into photoshop. (still struggling)

attempt 1, select drawing and export as ai, result, sharp corners get rounded off
attempt 2, select object and export selected option as pdf, result it has take all objects and dims.

what do I have to do to get export as pdf selected objects to only be on 'selected objects ’ ?

any other suggestions on getting object into photoshop without something happening to it.

if its 20mm tall then I want it 20mm tall and at whatever resolution I make it in photoshop. a 20mm x 20mm box must be a 20mm x 20mm box and not rounded corners, ai hopeless at such.

eps would be the way but Mcneel have yet to add that , although its the universal way of taking vector between vector progs.



Can you post a file?
Have you used a PDF printer instead of Rhino PDF export?

I believe Inkscape (free) will save an EPS although using an additional app is surely not as convenient.
This assumes you could get a PDF into Inkscape without issue.

This is not how photoshop works. Photoshop doesn’t understand real units, all it understands is pixels.
If you want to import something into photoshop at proper scale, you have to prepare your drawings in an appropriate way. The best way is using layout and using the right paper size for your needs. Then, export as a PDF and once within photoshop rasterize it to at least 300dpi.

For what you said, I’m not sure if you used Illustrator for preparing your vectors before going into Photoshop or you just import the AI file straight into Photoshop.

If you went straight into Photoshop, I wouldn’t go that way. If you want to further develope your drawing in an external graphic program, I find Illustrator the way to go. In Illustrator you can edit line weights and colors for each specific path. Also the file will maintain the layer structure between Rhino and Illustrator, so more control.

Once you have everything the way you want you just can place that Illustrator file in Photoshop as a smart object, that way you could keep working in Illustrator and having your file in sync between both apps.

I use this workflow frequently and I’ve never experienced any issue.