Wie kann ich diese Teil erstellen? [How can I achieve this form?]

Ich habe das mit “Flow” (einer Kurve entlang gleiten) versucht. Ich denke, das wäre auch die richtige Methode.
Aber es werden leider die Kanten verzerrt.
Wie kann ich das besser machen?

Hallo,hänge mal die Rhino datei an damit man evtl an der basteln kann.Lg

Hatte ich schon gelöscht. Ist aber schnell wieder erstellt.
Kommt nicht auf die genauen Proportionen an sondern nur ums Prinzip.Zunge.3dm (40.0 KB)

Vielleicht so?

BendedParet.3dm (345.0 KB)

Kurven und Flächen der einzelnen Schritte sind noch in der Datei auf einzelnen Layern.

Schau mal ob du damit etwas anfangen kannst.

Sieht auf den ersten Blick gut aus. Funktioniert aber nur, wenn die Biegung der Zunge
nicht rechts von den Quadranten der Ausschnitte anfängt. Das ist aber bei diesem Teil der Fall. Aber Danke für den Versuch!

With risk of getting a lot of resentment, as usual, and even though I do understand a bit of German I would like to remind you that this is the official/international forum.

Could you guys switch to English?
This topic might as well be helpful to non-German language speaking users.



Gibt es denn ein deutsches Forum?
Mein English ist nicht ausreichend!

People who don’t speak good English go and at least try to translate their question with GoogleTranslate. See that’s the main reason I refuse to speak German. Because most Germans even when they speak English simply refuse to speak, refuse to help.

People will not refuse to help because your English is bad. But certainly more will try to help than when it is in German.

Everyone can create a forum if you so much want to ask your questions in German. Create your own German forum then. I’m sure the other German speaking Rhino experts that visit this forum will also visit yours.

Einige reseller bieten eigene deutsche Foren an, hier zB das von FlexiCAD https://www.flexicad.com/service/forum/index.php
Leider gibt es meines Wissens nach kein offizielles deutsches Forum.

Since this information will only ever be relevant to German users I won’t translate it

How can I achieve this form?
I tried doing it with _FlowAlongCurve but it gives some distortions along the edges. How can I do this form in a better way?

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Hello, shall this be a real sheet metal part, that get´s manufactured under a hydraulic press brake?

Soll das ein echtes Stanzbiegeteil aus Metall darstellen, welches unter einer Senkbiegepresse hergestellt wird?

Of course, I construct such and similar existing articles for illustration . So I have to adhere to the guidelines.
The angled “tongues” should have a larger radius, as in the first picture. Unfortunately, I do not know how to do that.

Thank you for your help. I’ll try the translator from Google

Zunge.3dm (197.4 KB)

Something like this?

Look at my pictures, then you’ll understand what I wantBild_4
I tried doing it with _FlowAlongCurve but it gives some distortions along the edges

You might ask McNeel what a user who doesn’t speak English should do (maybe under Meta).

Before the Discourse era there were newsgroups for several languages.
On Discourse only very few different languages survive.

Personally, I don’t like to force people not to use there own native languages, but that is only my opinion.

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There’s Google Translate as I said. I’ve seen people all over the world use it here. It is good enough.

Also as McNeel always promoted it “that’s what the Rhino re-sellers are for”.

I personally think that re-sellers aren’t good enough experts compare to the users in this forum. This is why GoogleTranslate was my only suggestion. (Obviously, there are exceptions Mitch being one of them.)

As for “forcing people to speak English”. I have no respect for Engineers, Doctors, etc. “educated” experts who do not speak English. As this is by far the easiest language to learn as second language. There’s no excuse for a professional to not learning it.

Hello IVELYN, I’m 80 years old, I started constructing 10 years ago. Unfortunately I have problems learning languages. I do not expect any respect from you, but apart from your criticism, can you help solve my problem?
Meanwhile, I use GoogleTranslate, it creates partly terrible sentences. But thanks anyway!


try https://www.deepl.com/translator. most of the time it is quite good and beats google translate in my view. at least for english < - > german.

german: versuch mal https://www.deepl.com/translator. meiner Erfahrung nach sogar etwas besser als google translate

At a first glance, the problem is the location of your fillet (the radius of the bending)


As you can see in the picture the upper radius which is ideally what the bending machine will do, is smaller but as it is located now it starts too much inside the material. You’ll have to move it “to the left”.

Depending on what your bending machine can handle you should leave 1-2 mm straight part and then the radius. Then also the inner part will not be that distorted.

Zunge_ipv.3dm (132.2 KB)

Note: I simply moved your curves to the left so the “tongue” part is a bit longer in the attached file. You should cut it.

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