Bend, flow? can't make it happen... anyone have experience with these commands?

I made a “rolled piece” which I want the piece behind to follow, except that it doesn’t work for me. When I flow along surface, it rolls the other way, no matter which corner I pick. When I try to just bend the piece, it’s distorted. Any ideas? Thank you.

essentially I need it to do this:

Can you post a .3dm file with your geometry?

Hello - try drawing the cross-section - a line with a curl at the top, ExtrudeCrv then Trim from a view 90 degrees around with a curve in the shape of the outline, in 2d, of the paper.


you can make it in two steps using Bend

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flow_problem.3dm (3.5 MB)

as you can see, the “flow” turns out tiny, not like the original size, and does not follow the curve at all.

I tried to do it in two steps, but mine did not come close to how nice yours is. Mine gets super deformed.

I’m sure these are excellent instructions, but I have no idea what to do:) Guess I’m a visual learner.
Here is my file. What am I doing again? flow_problem.3dm (3.5 MB)

This is how I made it:

Hi Izabela - here is what I’d do -

flow_problemMaybe.3dm (170.7 KB)

Probably, I’d pay a little more attention than I did here to getting the cutout curves nice and smoothly matched from the scroll to the lower part (Blue to magenta match in my file)


what am I missing here? my first bend is nice, but the second one gets all wonky and distorted, just like in your video, except that yours fixes itself in a split second.

Well, that took for ever, still looks like crap and has some other issues, but at least I’m close :slight_smile: Thanks guys!