Why is it so big?

Sans titre.3dm (2.7 MB)
DDD_GC_Bambou.gh (17.7 KB)
I wonder why my grasshooper definitions generate such large objects… could you tell me what you think?
for example, here a small guardrail of around 15m is more than 2MB once transformed into a rhino object… thank you

that’s a normal size for a file with about 190 objects

Sans titre.3dm (721.3 KB)
Thank you but a guardrail with an almost identical number of objects made on Visualarq generates a file of 500kb, 700kb once exploded…

You could try using blocks
I think rhino also saves the render mesh, which inflates the file size

You could try the SaveSmall command (or option) to save the file without the render meshes. They can add quite a bit to the file size.