Why is my rhino file so big? (All my other ones are too)

I tend to model first in Sketchup and then import them into Rhino and finish them along with rendering.
However often times the size of the models are too large than they should be (at least I think…)
They are often larger than 800mb.
The file I’ve attached is over 1gb when it’s just a basic 3d model of a single house.

Could you take a look at my file and see what the problem is?
I’ve even tried turning them to meshes but ended up with an even larger model size.

Try using ‘save small’. If this affects the file size, it means your render mesh or evaluation meshes are pushing the file size up, as ‘save small’ does not save either mesh type in the file.

tried it and got 827mb (the original was 1117mb)
but isn’t this still a lot bigger than it should be?
I mean I had a lot more complex urban model file but that was 347mb

Unsure - I do not render in Rhino, maybe textures are being saved internally?
Hopefully someone from McNeel can have a look at your file.

The problem is caused due to the use of furniture mesh models that you have converted into NURBS polysurfaces.
Check this blanket, for example. Exactly the same model exported as NURBS takes 58,3 MB while its 3d mesh counterpart takes just 2,05 MB. I would use the “Extract render mesh” command to extract the 3d mesh from the furniture and then delete those NURBS models that eat your hard drive’s space like a hungry T-Rex. Your file will get a lot smaller then. :slight_smile:

nurbs test.rar (13.0 MB)

mesh test.rar (1.6 MB)

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Bobi is spot-on: The reason why your file is so big is that the furniture is included as Nurbs, not meshes.

The furniture alone, as shown above, is 920MB. Once converted to meshes, this drops to 65MB.

Any objects that you know you’ll never need to edit (such as the furniture from some library) – always include them as meshes.

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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much Bobi!

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