Rhino file huge size

Biggest rhino mystery i have seen:
My rhino file is 60 mb. When I try to save it - its size is suddenly over 2 gb. If I save only geometry - its again just 60 mb. If I export as dwg - its still small. Internalizing geometry in GH and then rebaking it in a new file also works (new file is normal size). Anybody has an idea why? I eventually solved the problem by export and re-import from dwg, but I am still puzzled, why that happened.
Open on your own responsibility, i got blue screen of death while trying to figure it out.


Did you have any background bitmaps, picture frames or textures in there? They might be still stuck in there. Does TestPurgeBitmapTable command help in any way?

Otherwise, if you have some kind of plug-ins, there might be some plug-in data stuck in the file…


I don’t think it has anything to do with images, but who knows. In fact when I copied a single line (or any other geometrical object) from the file and pasted it in a new file, the new file became unadequately heavy. However if I export the same object using export geometry only, all is fine.
Plugins which I had installed were V-ray, weaverbird, Grasshopper (and bunch of plugins within Grasshopper). Out of that list I can only imagine that Vray could be source of the problem.
Anywat thanks for the advise, i will try TestPurgeBitmapTable

I still suspect bitmaps - this has also happened to me, copying objects out of a file containing some large bitmaps has copied the bitmaps with it (in my experience)… definitely a bug…


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The Audit3dmFile command will give you a breakdown of the sizes of data in your file.
In V6, the same command has additional granularity down to the object ID so you can find the specific objects that are taking som much room.


Hi. Try
with the underscore dash in front.
Then in the listed options toggle SavePluginData=NO and try save it and see ifit is plugin data that is bloating the file.
Michael VS

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Thanks, guys, looks like some material data are the problem.