Grasshopper définition problem

I wonder why my grasshooper definitions generate such large objects… could you tell me what you think?

I’m trying to define a visualarq guardrail but the objects generated are unmanageable… (17.7 KB)

for example, here a small guardrail of around 15m is more than 2MB once transformed into a rhino object… thank you

Hi @guillaume.dupas I don’t see any issue on your file, after creating a railing from it. The performance is quite fine:

Also I think is quite normal that a railing of 15m makes a file size of 2-5MB, considering the amount of rounded polysurface generated in the railing.

Thank you for your reply. ¨Could you help me understand why everything takes so long for me? Rhino freezes very often, files seem very large and viewing is very difficult. It’s even more complicated with complex Varq objects. I wonder if there is not a problem between Rhino/Varq and Vray… thanks in advance

Hi @guillaume.dupas, there are many factors by which the program may run slow: from your PC characteristics to the complexity of models or conflicts between third-party plug-ins. If you consider there is some problem between VisualARQ and VRay, try to disable one or the other and compare the performance results. Otherwise please send us any 3D models to test and we will investigate if there is anything that may cause a slow performance.