Extremely Large Rhino File


I have been using Grasshopper alongside Rhino for a University assignment.

I have created a photogrammetry mesh and imported the obj into the project (the file was 10mb at this stage). I created a pavilion structure using Grasshopper and baked the finished model into Rhino. The structure has a large amount of dangling string however these are only represented as lines and not piped etc.

The file is currently 430mb!!! My tutor said I must submit a file no larger than 10mb.

The file grew in size dramatically after I finished baking the design. Is there absolutely anything I can do to fix this?

I should also note that I used the command ‘reducemesh’ to my photogrammetry mesh and reduced it by 90%.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Hi Natasha,

You may not have this problem any longer but if you do, can you post the Grasshopper definition which I assume is small prior to the bake?