Rhino Evaluation "stopped working"

Hi! I have just downloaded Rhino 6 evaluation 90 days and installed it on my computer. But it stops after 30 Seconds and shuts down.

I used the licence key i was sent and installed it as normal. When i started the program for the the first time i had to validate my account manually in a “licencing” pop up window. I was told Proxy authenitcation was required. I followed the steps on how to enter it manually with another validation key and computer ID which was given in a pop up window. However it said the validation was for rhino 5 in a small print. I did not think more about it, and Rhino was then up and running after i completed the validation. But now it stops after 30 sec. and shuts down.

(It was a long process to get it installed since my computer is managed by the in-house IT Department so i am hoping i won’t have to do it again. )

What is wrong? Have anyone experienced that?
Thanks for any help.

Hi @sandrashoc - the license seems to be a double installation on two different machines. I’ve notified the developer so he can help you sort it out. He won’t be in until later today as he’s in the US (West Coast).


Is there any quicker way to do this, for example to delete my installation licence and key so i can start over again.

@sandrashoc - I see my colleague @Bernat is helping out with this through tech support. I’m sure he’ll do his best to sort it out as soon as possible. You’re in good hands!

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