Will Rhino for MAC WIP activate with a Rhino 6 (Windows) License?


As I understand it, Rhino 6 licenses will work for both Windows and OSX platforms. As a university of art we are considering buing a schoolkit for our students. About one third of our students are hoping for a OSX license, so it would be nice to be able to use the OSX WIP with a Rhino 6 license till Rhino 6 for MAC comes out.


The current Mac Rhino WIP is still based on V5, so that will not work (unless something changes). There will be a V6-based Mac Rhino WIP “soon” - and that should run with a V6 license. But, as usual, we don’t know how soon “soon” is…


Let’s all hope that V6 beta for Mac will be here pretty soon! pleaseeeee ; )