Will Rhino for MAC WIP activate with a Rhino 6 (Windows) License?

As I understand it, Rhino 6 licenses will work for both Windows and OSX platforms. As a university of art we are considering buing a schoolkit for our students. About one third of our students are hoping for a OSX license, so it would be nice to be able to use the OSX WIP with a Rhino 6 license till Rhino 6 for MAC comes out.

The current Mac Rhino WIP is still based on V5, so that will not work (unless something changes). There will be a V6-based Mac Rhino WIP “soon” - and that should run with a V6 license. But, as usual, we don’t know how soon “soon” is…

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Let’s all hope that V6 beta for Mac will be here pretty soon! pleaseeeee ; )


Any update on this. I am using Rhino 6.35 and trying to use a [ctivate with a Rhino 6 (Windows) License? And having issues, prompting me for the email account, and none of our email accounts give access to the license.

Rhino V6 licenses can be used on either platform. If you are having trouble getting it validated because of an e-mail problem, please contact sales@mcneel.com directly for help.

Ok, thx emailed contact sales@mcneel.com but I guess it takes them a while to respond. Does anybody know the usual default time? I have users that need the software.

It’s the weekend, I don’t know if someone will respond until Monday.
Rhino 6 and later licenses can only use one single e-mail address for the validation and cannot be installed locally on more than one machine at a time. If you need to change machines, you need to first uninstall the license from the old machine before changing it to the new machine. And you need to use the same e-mail address originally used to validate the license.

Are you sure the license you are trying to validate is not still being used somewhere else? Maybe post a screenshot of the error message you receive when you try to validate it? (Do not post license keys or serial numbers here).

If the license is in a Rhino account and not installed locally, you will need to have the log-in for that account.

Well, I sent the request on Thursday. So, 2-3 business days is the expected reply timeframe, ok.

We have a 10 user student lab concurrent license not an individual. It prompted for email account to validate after initial software installation. Doesn’t give an opportunity to enter the license keys or serial number without the validation email.

Thanks for your feedback, I will just wait for sales@mcneel.com response and next steps to troubleshoot.

That doesn’t sound right… First, a lab license is 30 seats, not 10. A lab license either gets installed in a Zoo server on a LAN in the school, or a Cloud Zoo online account. There is one email address associated with either type of setup. Adding a license to a Rhino account or a Zoo should automatically validate it with the associated email address of the account.

Client installations on the LAN Zoo should automatically find the license. On the other hand, with the Cloud Zoo you need to create a team and add/invite the users as members.

ok, sorry not sure about the 10 seats, but pretty sure about the lab license. Will get it resolved with sales@mcneel.com response and next steps to troubleshoot. Again, thanks for your feedback.