Why can i see the Bump Map in Rendered mode but it disapears in he rednering?

Hi i have a Problem and perhaps someone can help:
When i work in Rhino 6 in rendered view and add a material (where i can Change the bump texture, for exaple to leather, i can also adjust the size…xsxs to xxxl) it works perfect and Shows in the rendered view.

If i now do a Rhino Rendering, ist gone and it Shows just a plastic Surface…

what do i have to do that what i see in rednered mode apperas in the raytrace Rendering?

thank you for your help

From what I can tell it works just fine in 6SR9 and 6SR10 release candidate.

quick_bumptest.3dm (656.2 KB)

On what Rhino version are you? Best to post the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo, and maybe a simple sample of a file that exhibits your problem.

Have you been able to solve it? Have the exact same problem now with R6.