Display and Render bug

During a training I offered, I tried to synchronize a Rhino display with the Rhino Render output and found out about two bugs.

Please install the 04 RhinoRender.ini display file.

  1. In the attached file, you’ll see a ‘bump map’ bug in Perspective viewport, render display. It appears to be angle dependant.
  2. When rendering with Rhino Render this whole texture is shown incorrect.

Also when I render inside the room, always one of the two concrete inner walls show an incorrect texture display.

Can someone please take a look?

house.zip (8.7 MB)
04 Rhino Render.ini (11.2 KB)

Thank you in advance.

Hi Gerard- I see the problem, still poking at it…

Try - RemoveMappingChannel (or show and delete the mapping widget) and make apply new box mapping, set to 2500 by 2500 by 2500 - here the bricks on that one wall render correctly.


Thank Pascal,

However still the real time display in rendered view is not showing the bump map correct when I rotate the view and look at the bricks.

I seem to recall that the realtime display does not actually support/show bump maps… I have run into this in the past as well…