White clay render using Rhino Renderer

Hello all,

I would like to ask if anyone had an idea (or a tutorial) how to create white clay renderings of a Rhino scene using the default Rhino rendering engine.
What I’m currently struggling with is how to get softer shadows and a better exposure - no burnouts.

The effect I’m trying to replicate is this:

(It’s by the danish EFFEKT, Rosenhoj Student Housing project, https://www.effekt.dk/ung )

So far, I’m getting this:

Everything in the scene is using the default 255,255,255 material, Skylight is on.
Goal is to match the reference picture as close as possible to minimize post-production work.

Also, bonus question: where do I set the thickness of the rendered isocurves?

Thanks for any pointers!

Is the arctic display mode close to what you are looking for?

Arctic mode went in to Rhino 6 but you could replicate the mode in Rhino 5 with a few settings changes to Rendered in Options > View > Display Modes. Essentially it is a material and lighting override. It would be easier to customize the edge thickness or curve display and thickness in a display mode as well in Rhino 5 so I’d suggest attempting this look in a display mode first since you don’t need reflection or refraction. The -ViewCaptureToFile command can then be used to export out a large file too for crisp details.